No Easy Answers is a blog about exactly that: a place for alternate views on those questions everyone puts aside so easily. Because topics like religion, science, politics, and life have more then just one side, and involve more then a simple, one sentence, de facto statement.

Everyone can afford to get a different view on topics of interest, even if you just want to use it for ammo. But the worst argument is the uninformed one.

Keleth’s Bio:

I’m a recent college graduate with a undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineer, specializing in medical imaging and devices. Yes, this has nothing to do with religion. I grew up in a Jain household, and though I never believed in the spiritual side of Jainism, I do believe in the secular values of Jainism. I currently work on web and graphic design, and am debating a MBA. I have special interests in language, culture, and psychology/sociology, but I’m always open to new thoughts, new ideas, and if it happens one day, I’m open to someone proving to me anything supernatural, be it God, Zenu, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (bless his Noodly Appendage), unicorns, pixies, or anything else.