American Politics… About the Best Man (or Woman)?

Posted by Keleth | Posted in Politics | September 22nd, 2008 9:35 AM

This is the first time I’ve been engrossed and interested in politics, probably in part because I have a stake in the outcome and in part because political discussion is fun. Like religious discussion is fun. But with everything I hear on the news, read in the paper, and learn from discussions I have with people passionate about politics, I only seem to come to one conclusion: politics in America is no longer about who is the best person to lead the country, if that was ever the reasoning.

I thought politics was about the best candidate trying to prove to the people that they are the best choice to run the country. I always knew there were people on both the left and right who were “groupies” to their side, regardless of the candidate’s strength. But I thought most people were open to reason, and that candidates’ goals were to convince the public that they were the right choice.

Now I watch which candidate convinces the American public that the other candidate is less worthy. Its not about the best man, but the worse. In this election, both candidates are attacking each other. I will openly admit, if I were to be placed into a party, I’d be a Democrat. And while it is mostly because I believe that its government’s job to help those who can’t help themselves, its also because on the whole, while both sides are slinging mud, I tend to notice that Republicans sling a lot. Now, I’m not saying that all Republicans are like that, but for the constant claim that Democrats are elitist, Republicans sure do act high and mighty.

Now, I’m not saying Democrats are without fault. I specifically said that if i were to be placed into a party because in truth, I wouldn’t claim to be a part of an organization who’d drop to revenge tactics. At the same time, I say unfortunately the tactic is needed. Who knows who threw the first drop of mud in this campaign (I’m sure someone does, but I sure don’t), but unfortunately its been shown that negative images stick in peoples’ heads.

And so it’s ended up, there really isn’t an issue of who’s the better candidate anymore. All I can think of about the candidates off the top of my head is that McCain switches sides to meet the current need, and Obama lacks executive experience. Does this tell me who’s the better President? No. But it does tell me who’s worse.


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